Longmen planer
   The economy of Longmen planer
   Heavy Longmen planer
Planer milling machine
   Economic type planer milling machine
   Heavy duty planer milling machine
Openside planer
Arm planer milling machine
The cantilever boring and milling machine
Longmen boring and milling machine
Longmen CNC machining center
 XK (H) 21 series NC moving beam Dongzhu Longmen boring and milling machine
 XK (H) 24 series NC moving beam Dongzhu Longmen boring and milling machine
 XK (H) 27 series NC moving beam Dongzhu Longmen boring and milling machine
 XK (H) 28 series NC moving beam Dongzhu Longmen boring and milling machine
Floor type boring and milling machine
   In general, digital floor type boring and milling machine
   CNC boring and milling machine
Vertical lathe
   Common (digital) double column vertical lathe
   CNC double column vertical lathe
Machine tool accessories
   Longmen milling milling head series
   Tool rack series
   Head series

Name: Shandong Ya Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: Shandong Gaomi Yian Great East Road, No. 4399
Postal Code: 261500
National free service hotline :400 -050-9488
Business Hotline:
Li Gong: 13905361075
Li Gong: 13806466252
Tel 0536 -2890666
Fax 0536 -2890666
Website: www.chinazhonggong.cn
E-mail: yszg@chinazhonggong.com

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   Shandong Ya Sheng Machinery Co.,was founded in 1991, located in Shandong Province Gaomi City North Industrial Park Yian Road, No. 4399, 60 km east of Qingdao, Weifang, 50 km west of South Rinzai Green Railway 2 km north Yinchuan Expressway 5 km, convenient transportation, geographical location is extremely advantageous.Companies registered capital of 120 million yuan, net assets of 2.076 billion yuan, the existing staff of 1,200 people, including 960 college degree or above, full-time engineering and technical development and design engineers, 132 people. Production plant 500,000 square meters, 128,000 square meters of modern industrial plant. Owned cars, grinding, planing, milling, boring, electric welding, clamping, and other physical and chemical experiments general, special CNC machining equipment more than 1280 sets of units. ...  >>Details entered
  % good at innovation, and for strict quality, and continually improving the quality of management, and meet customer demands, and ensure customer satisfaction, Ya Sheng who is unremitting efforts!
  % to the quality of survival, science and technology and development; management for efficiency; services for credibility.
  % acceptance by corporate standards, product of a 95 per cent pass rate, 0.1 percent annual increase;
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